Kia Freeman shown with special guest speaker - Kara Barnett, Senior Producer - BET Networks

Producing the Dream Workshop is a hands-on intensive three-day workshop designed for extended learning at colleges and universities.

We cover the nuts and bolts of Film Producing and Line Producing by teaching the key elements of producing and production management for film/television.  

We discuss elements from pitching to investors to the process of distribution. Additional instruction includes breaking down a script, overview of budgeting, the creation of call sheets, how to properly handle insurance, set operations, crew hiring, union and vendor interaction, film terms, and the importance of tax credits and production incentives.

The workshop includes special guest speakers in both the television and film industry.  

We include health and wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and other ways to handle stress in the film industry.  

The goal of the workshop is to equip students with the tools necessary to be successful film and television producers.  In addition, to help students produce their dream while maintaining a work life balance.  


“The stellar reviews that the students gave the Producing the Dream workshop is a testament to the thoroughness of your curriculum and the passion by which you led this learning opportunity.”

— Dr. Kopano,
Professor and Chair, Morgan State University